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YouTube Videos from Recent CGS-SOS Webinars

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Dear Colleagues,

Please find the embedded YouTube videos for our recent webinars below.

Kind regards,
CGS-SOS Executive Committee

> CGS-SOS Undergraduate                     Scholarships 2020-2021

> YouTube Videos for Recent CGS-         SOS Webinars

> Call for New Members: CGS-SOS 

   Executive Committee

April 2021: Physical and Mechanical Properties of Soils in the Greater Toronto Area – Dmitry Olshansky and Geoffrey Creer

> 2021 CGS-SOS Graduate Student       Competition Announcement

> 2020 CGS-SOS Award                          Announcement


> June 2021

> April 2021

> March 2021

March 2021: Some Problems from Shoring and Piling: Cases and Explanations –      Dr. Ahmed Al Mufty

> January 2021

> December 2020

> July 2020

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> March 2020

> December 2019

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December 2020: Around the World in 100 Years: Our Geotechnical Journey –            Dr. J. Carlos Santamarina

> November 2018

> August 2018

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> October 2017

> September 2017

November 2020: Groundwater control for deep shafts and connection tunnels in London – Dr. Toby Roberts

October 2020: Risk-Informed Decision Making for Dams – Dr. Glenn J. Rix

The Canadian Geotechnical Society, Southern Ontario Section (CGS-SOS) is the largest and one of the most active sections of the Canadian Geotechnical Society, and relies solely on volunteers for organizing and managing geotechnical- related events and activities. The CGS-SOS is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and the creation of opportunities to exchange information among individuals from academia (both faculty and students), consulting, government, industry, contractors and various providers of geotechnical-related products and services. The CGS-SOS events typically consist of monthly dinner meetings between September and May, technical workshops, webinars, student competition and an annual golf tournament.

Each year, approximately half of the Executive Committee members retire and their position will be available to new members. The Executive Committee currently consists of 13 volunteers, out of whom, 6 members will complete their terms and retire in May 2021. As such, the CGS-SOS committee is now looking for volunteers to join the Executive Committee starting in May 2021.

The committee members serve a two-year term. The committee members are approximately pledging to at least two (2) hours of their time per week, on average, for a two-year term. The committee members are expected to:

1) be an active member of Canadian Geotechnical Society,

2) participate in the committee monthly meetings, generally held on the same day of the events for about 90 minutes, as well as CGS-SOS events,

3) be engaged with and contribute to the business of the committee, and

4) be passionate about geotechnical engineering.

The committee members are committed to avoid pushing a commercial agenda or expecting any commercial benefit from being an executive member. The selection of new committee members will consider the following points: 1) demonstration of dedication to CGS-SOS and the field of geotechnical engineering, 2) forming a committee with broad representation from various cohorts (noted above), 3) limiting representation from each organization to one person at once (to the extent possible).

If you are eager to join the committee and contribute to the advancement of the geotechnical community, we encourage you to fill out the following application form (see below) and send it to the current executive committee chair Ali Nasseri-Moghaddam, Ph.D., P.Eng. (mailto: by  April 2, 2021. Decisions will be made by the committee in May 2021 and successful applicants will be contacted by the Chair.

Thank-you for your interest, commitment to the geotechnical society, and your volunteer spirit!

CGS-SOS Executive Committee

Canadian Geotechnical Society, Southern Ontario Section (CGS-SOS) congratulates the graduate students who presented their research on 2021 Graduate Student Competition.

The competition included representatives from six Southern Ontario Universities (McMaster University, University of Waterloo, University of Toronto, York University, Ryerson University, and Western University). A representative from each University gave a virtual presentation of up to 12 minutes which was followed by a 3 minutes question-and-answer period.

A panel of judges from industry and academia evaluated the presentations. Evaluation for the CGS-SOS Graduate Student Competition was conducted based on the following criteria: geotechnical content and interest (60%), oral and visual quality of presentation (30%) and performance during the question-and-answer period (10%).

Cash prizes was awarded to recognize the best presentations and for participation in the competition.

The best presenter, Ali Fallah Yeznabad was awarded $500; the second place presenter, Markus Jesswein received $250; and the third place presenter, Mina Lee received $150; and the rest of the speakers received $100 for participation.

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