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Executive Committee 2023/2024

Amir Poshnejad
Vice Chair
Bill Li (
Regional Director
Charles Crans
Budhi Kharel (
Pedram MolkAra (
Rajib Dey (
Joe Heinisch (
Membership and Awards
Andrew Cushing (
Student Liaison
Amin Jafari (
Event Lead
Vivian Weihong Li (
Event Lead
Daniela Xavier (
Event Lead
Reza Mahmoudipour (
Young/Student Member & Event Coordinator
Alex Szot (
Event Digital Tech Lead
Jeff Lam (
Past Chair
Dino Vito (

Joining the committee

The Canadian Geotechnical Society, Southern Ontario Section (CGS-SOS) is the largest and one of the most active sections of the Canadian Geotechnical Society and relies solely on volunteers for organizing and managing geotechnical-related events and activities. The CGS-SOS is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and the creation of opportunities to exchange information among individuals from academia (both faculty and students), consulting, government, industry, contractors, and various providers of geotechnical-related products and services. The CGS-SOS events typically consist of monthly lecture series, technical workshops, webinars, student competitions, annual dinners, and annual golf tournaments.

Each year, some of the Executive Committee members retire, and new positions will be available to the members. The Executive Committee currently consists of 15 volunteers, out of whom, 4 members will complete their terms and retire in June 2024. As such, the CGS-SOS committee is now looking for volunteers to join the Executive Committee at the end of June 2024.

Committee service starts with up to two years term. The committee members normally pledge about two to four hours of their time per week, and are expected to:

·        be a member of CGS-SOS in good standing,

·        be an active member of the Geotechnical/Geo-environmental Society,

·        actively participate in the executive committee business

·        attend monthly executive meetings, generally held on the same day of the events for about 90 minutes, as well as CGS-SOS events.

Successful candidates start as Event Lead, and may be promoted to higher roles after the first year depending on their performance. Committee members do not push a commercial agenda or expect any commercial benefit from being an executive member. In selection of new committee members, the following criteria will be considered:

·        Applicant's past experiences, and skills that will bring to the Committee

·        Applicant's vision to grow and promote CGS-SOS.

CGS-SOS values diversity and inclusion. As such our goal is to form a committee with broad representation from various cohorts, limit representation from each organization to one person at once, and provide opportunity for everyone willing to serve their community.

If you are eager to join the committee and give back to the local geotechnical community, we encourage you to download and fill out the application form and send it to the current executive committee chair Amir Poshnejad, P.Eng. ( by May 30, 2024. Decisions will be made by the committee, and successful applicants will be contacted by the Chair.

Good luck!
CGS-SOS Executive Committee

Apply to be a committee member

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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